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Shearsby Crossroads

These pages concern safety issues at the Shearsby Crossroads, namely the A5199 junction with Saddington Road and Bruntingthorpe Road.

Car crash June 2013

Progress and Meeting

  1. Landowners are being approached by the District Council to consider removing specific trees and hedges that obstruct the approaches to the crossroads and replace them with ranch fencing. November 2018.
  2. Leicestershire County Council are aware of the concerns with this section of the A5199 in Shearsby, which is currently being assessed and investigated with the view to reduce the speed limit from the current national speed limit as a future scheme. October 2018.
  3. A letter from LCC acknowledging the petition and outlining their future plans received 5th April 2018.
  4. A meeting with LCC Highways was held on Thursday 2nd November at 7.00pm in Shearsby Village Hall. Shearsby Parish Council, its sub-committee, other Local Councils and the Proving Ground attended; also MP Alberto Costa was represented.
  5. MP's Alberto Costa and Neil O'Brien have been in touch to offer support.
  6. Harborough FM Radio and BBC Radio Leicester have regularly reported the issue.
  7. The online petition reached a total number of 651 concerned people.
  8. If you have details or photos of previous accidents please send them to us for inclusion here.
  9. If you have been involved in an accident and would like the opportunity to address our meeting please make contact.

Contact The Clerk, (details in the top right hand corner).

Ann Dresses up for Petitioning


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    The petition is now closed. It reached a total of 651 concerned people.

Ann petitioning at On Your Marks


Direction signs were broken on 2 corners of the crossroads following accidents in January 2018

Letter of Support from MP Neil O'Brien

I'm afraid that I will not be able to make it (2nd November meeting) as I have another commitment.

But I am supportive. I'm glad the parish council and others are exploring different ways to improve road safety. I'm sorry not to be able to make it this evening but look forward to seeing the results of this important discussion.

Best, Neil O'Brien MP

Letters of Support from Local Councils

Air Ambulance, June 2017.

Accident Log

A library of accidents at or near to the Shearsby crossroads. (work in progress)

  1. 15/12/2018, late evening, 2 car head-on collision, cars badly damaged but no reported casualties. Police involved.
  2. 08/11/2018, 5pm, Small accident at crossroads, no reported casualties.
  3. 03/07/2018, At around 5pm. A crash involving 3 vehicles, 2 cars and a transporter lorry, saw a 23 year old man lose his life. Numerous emergency vehicles involved including the air ambulance and Helimed. Accident was in Bruntingthorpe Road on a bend.
  4. 05/05/2018, Motorcyclist killed in collision with van near Armourgeddon, between Knaptoft and Husbands Bosworth.
  5. 28/03/2018, 3 cars involved coming from Bosworth direction. A lady in the first car braked suddenly and other cars behind could not stop. No one was hurt.
  6. 04/02/2018, Car on its side other side of hedge in farmers field on the Saddington Road. Police tape on vehicle.
  7. 22/01/2018, A message was received that there was another serious accident at the cross roads. The Police were in attendance and that it was "quite a big bash".
  8. Middle of January - Bath Lane between Beesley's Farm and the junction to Walton, fences damaged.
  9. 12/01/2018, 2 accidents in one day - a grey van at the crossroads, south east corner in the morning and about 4.30pm another incident (both witnessed by the Parish Clerk - on his way to the meeting and returning from the meeting!!) signage broken on both East side corners. All emergency services involved.
  10. 11/01/2018, Near Knaptoft - police attended.
  11. 16/12/17, Saturday 9pm. Bruntingthorpe Road, between New Walton Road and Shearsby Crossroads, closed due to serious accident, car on its side. All emergency services in attendance.
  12. 25/07/2017 Incident north of crossroads but before the turn into Shearsby. Police involved at 10.30pm.
  13. 25/07/2017 Two car crash and a cyclist. A car came from Saddington Road and didn't stop at the crossroads. It hit another car on the main road and that hit the cyclist. One car was left positioned at the crossroads, one in Bruntingthorpe Lane. Large amount of smoke. Air ambulance flew cyclist to Coventry Hospital. Fire brigade and police in attendance. 8pm. The 48 year old cyclist from Whetstone is paralysed from the chest down.
  14. 21/07/2017 Unreported accident collision between a lorry and a car at 4.00am.
  15. 11/07/2017 Turning tractor with bucket extended took out the entire side of a passing white van. No casualties reported.
  16. 11/07/2017 A shunt between 2 cars caused damage to bumpers and light covers. No casualties reported.
  17. 05/07/2017 Incident was a bump between 2 cars and a change of insurance details, witnessed by local resident.
  18. 01/07/2017 Black car in the ditch. The ditch is damaged in another place too just down from the car, so either it swerved into the ditch and out again before it finally crashed or another car was involved, which may have been taken away?
  19. 25/06/2017 Accident involving a motorbike, attended by the air ambulance and collision investigation. Motorcyclist lost his leg.
  20. 15/06/2017 (date approx. at the time of a plant works show) The incident was between a low loader and a Peugeot and was witnessed by a local farmer. The low loader took a wide turn and ran over the bonnet of the car! There were no injuries.
  21. 11/06/2017 Car in the ditch on the south side of the crossroads.
  22. 31/03/2017 Two car crash. Air ambulance required and fire crews.
  23. November 2016 Car crash - no details. See photo at foot of page.
  24. 27/06/2013 A local (Arnesby) car travelling south on A5199 collided with a car travelling north on A5199 which turned right towards Saddington without stopping. Three cars were written off (including one waiting to turn out of Saddington Road). Passenger in the car on main road suffered severe facial and eye injuries resulting in total loss of sight in left eye, after being hit in face by passenger air bag. No-one else was injured. Accident attended by police, fire service, ambulance service and air ambulance doctor (by car). Driver of car turning towards Saddington found guilty of driving without due care and attention at Loughborough Magistrates Court.
  25. 15/06/2013 A young man, friend of people living in Arnesby, was driving towards Arnesby on the A5199 when a woman coming from the Shearsby Bath to go straight over, didn't stop at the crossroads. His car caught fire and was destroyed, as was the road signpost. He got out of the car and was not badly injured but the woman driver of the other car had, it is believed, a broken pelvis. The report & photo from the Leicester Mercury is below.
    1. "A person has been taken to hospital after a car burst into flames at the Shearsby crossroads on the A5199. Fire services were called to the accident involving two cars just before 6.30pm yesterday. Crews released one person who was trapped and two other people were injured. One of the patients was taken to the Queens Medical Centre, in Nottingham, by ambulance. The condition of the casualty is not yet known. Crews said that one of the cars involved in the accident was destroyed in the fire."
  26. 2009 Around 2009 a cyclist was killed by a lorry.
  27. 2007 November / December around 5 or 6pm. Driver and passenger were returning from Christmas Shopping to Shearsby. Travelling down John Ball hill towards the crossroads they could see there had been an accident involving at least one car and a large Horse Box (lorry). They stopped to help as one of them is a nurse. They helped a lady who was in a bad way laying in the road, the nurse checked her over and talked to her. A coat was placed to cover the lady until the ambulance and police arrived. The horse had to be shot which was awful and there were injured people taken to hospital. There may have been other vehicles involved but they were concentrating on this one lady.
  28. About 20 years ago a man from Leicester and a woman from Market Harborough drove headlong into each other and the cars exploded upon impact. Both died instantly.

Forensic Collision Investigation, June 2017

Emergency Services Information

Press Reports

Harborough Mail

Cllrs Durran and Reynolds pose for the press as part of the campaign for safety at Shearsby Crossroads.

Harborough FM Radio

  • Harborough FM Facebook page. Comments and reports of yet more accidents. Log into Facebook and then click this link.

Harborough FM Facebook link to the petition

BBC Radio Leicester

  • BBC Radio Leicester interview with Ann Blaine, 31st August 2017

Leicester Mercury

You Tube

You Tube video of reckless overtaking

Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Newsletter

Car in Ditch, June 2017.

Roadwork's and Maintenance

  • November 2018, Mr Alwin Houghton removed soil off the verge and also cut his hedge back as far as possible, improving the sight line from Saddington.
  • 18/09/2018 Traffic lights for work by Severn Trent
  • 17/09/2018 Grass verges cut
  • 06/06/2018 Grass verges cut
  • 23/04/2018 Grass verges cut
  • 12/01/2018 Road signs at crossroads damaged, await repair
  • 10/10/2017 White line painting of the T-junction of Welford Road and the A5199, also the village interior crossroad of Back Lane and The Square.
  • 20/07/2017 White line painting of the crossroads and Saddington Road.
  • 13/07/2017 Grass cutting at the crossroads and replacement of the road direction signs . Re-surfacing Saddington Road.

Car crash November 2016

Crossroads Committee Minutes

  • Minutes, Crossroads, LCC, Public Meeting, 2017 11 02 (PDF, 316 Kb)

    Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm in the village hall, to discuss safety at Shearsby Crossroads.

    Attendees included LCC Highways, County, District, Shearsby and other local Cllrs, and members of the public.

  • Crossroads, Minutes, 2017 10 10 (PDF, 197 Kb)

    Minutes of the Council sub-committee meeting held on 10th October 2017, 7pm in the village hall.

  • Minutes, Crossroads, 2017 06 27 (PDF, 337 Kb)

    Minutes of the Crossroads Committee meeting held at 4.30pm, The Limes, Church Lane.

Car Crash, 2016.

Support and Advice

Brake, a charity offering information, resources and victim support.

Shearsby is getting involved in Road Safety Week 20th - 26th November 2017.

A bad example of overtaking