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Shearsby Crossroads

These pages concern safety issues at the Shearsby Crossroads, namely the A5199 junction with Saddington Road and Bruntingthorpe Road.

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Damaged Sign

  • 12th March 2019, Bent electronic sign touching the grass on Welford Road / A5199, Shearsby. Reported concerns through to Highways Officer, they will attend the site and investigate further.

Email from Highways

  • LCC Highways have received approval in principle from Leicestershire Police. An officer in the Traffic and Signals team is now dealing with taking the scheme forward for detailed design and will also undertake the necessary processes with regard to the Traffic Regulation Order that will be required. That will include going through the statutory consultation process which will include all local members along the A5199 route as well as parish councils. 13th March 2019

Email from Highways

  • Thank you for your email regarding Shearsby Crossroads and below is an update on the consultation programme, which I am happy for you to share.
  • As additional background as you may recall we have been working on a program of works called the Rural Routes Initiative, which has analysed all the statistical data that we hold on all the rural routes in the County. There is a 272km network of rural roads, subject to the national speed limit, within the Leicestershire County Council area. 188km of these roads suffer from an injury collision rate that is above the national average of 197 injury collisions per billion vehicle kilometres travelled. This analysis identified 38 routes across the County, which would benefit from a reduction in speed limit, which the team are working through.
  • As part of this the C6601 Lutterworth to Gilmorton & Kimcote & the C6604 Gilmorton to Shearsby have been identified as routes,which would benefit from a reduction in speed limit. This has been sent to local members for their comments before being publicly consulted.
  • The A5199 from Kilby Bridge to Husbands Bosworth has also been identified as a route that would benefit from the reduction in speed limit. This route is currently out for consultation with the Police and once they have reviewed the proposals we will consult with the County Councillor prior to public consultation.
  • As all schemes are subject to public consultation it was felt that they should be consulted separately, as we would not want schemes delayed due to objections on other routes. Once fully consulted schemes will be delivered together during the 2019/20 fiscal year.
  • As you are aware Shearsby Crossroads was subject to a scheme in 2016 and the effect of these works will be reviewed as part of our annual analysis, approximately June 2019 which will be three years after the measures were completed.
  • Upon analysis of the data in June 2019 the team will determine if there are any further measures that could alleviate the accidents that are continuing to occur at the crossroads specifically. Any recommendation would then form part of a future years programme subject to funding.
  • I know you and others have taken a keen interest in road safety in this area. I hope the scheme soon to be consulted upon will be welcomed. 3rd January 2019.

Car crash June 2013



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Direction signs were broken on 2 corners of the crossroads following accidents in January 2018

Two car collision caused this damage, September 2019.

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