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The Rural Bulletin 5th October 2021

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The Rural Services Network has highlighted the importance of the Government Releasing Opportunity and Removing Barriers for rural areas in its submission to the Spending Review 2021.
This is the process where the Government welcomes responses from interested parties to HM Treasury with the aim of commenting on Government policy and suggesting new policy ideas to be considered in the upcoming Budget or Spending Review.
The RSN response demonstrates the case for support and investment into the rural areas of England to release opportunity, strengthen the UKs economic recovery from COVID-19 and level up economic opportunity across England.

Levelling up is failing to solve the rural housing and planning crisis

New planning laws will stop countryside being ruined by 'ugly development'

Labour Promises Rural Ministers for Every Government Department

Destination Management Review – Any Thoughts?

The Rural Start-Up Fund

A good news story from rural Somerset

Young and Low Paid Face Being Priced Out of Rural Areas

Fuel shortages Expected to Lead to Rise in Pump Prices

Rural Related Politics - An RSN weekly review

At the RSN, we've always got an eye to what's happening in Government, you can read our response to the Spending Review in the feature article this week.In the last week the Government has also published the responses it received to it's Future of Transport : Rural Strategy call for evidence. These can be viewed at this link

Public Health England have published a Consensus Statement along with the Centre for Ageing Better which sets out their shared vision for making England the best place in the world to grow old. It can be viewed at this link

It will be interesting to see how the commitments in this Statement are fulfilled, especially in rural areas where there is a greater proportion of older residents.We've had a request to share with you all from an MSc Planning Student at the University of Plymouth who is exploring the issue "Can rural fuel poverty be tackled by planning policy? A comparative study of energy priorities in community-led and developer-led housing provision in Devon and Cornwall". If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact for more information.

An article by Councillor Cecilia Motley, Chair of the Rural Services Network, has been published by Local Government First magazine
The article calls attention to key findings from research commissioned by the Rural Services Network (RSN) highlighting that rural areas face a triple whammy of lower funding, higher costs and greater need, which is seriously hampering efforts to grow local economies and maximise economic growth and service delivery to their often sparse populations.
Read the full Local Government First article here

Economy Insight on the RSN website has now been updated with an analysis examining employment landscape at the local authority level. The analysis shows proportions of employees in broad industrial sectors over the years 2015 to 2019, and allows selection of authority or class and classification averages. Points of note from the analysis include:

  • In 2019 both Predominantly Rural and Predominantly Urban areas shared Health as the number one sector for employment.
  • Manufacturing was the key sector for employment of full-time workers in Predominantly Rural areas in 2019.
  • Retail, Health and Accommodation and Food Services were key sectors for the employment of part-time staff for both Predominantly Rural and Predominantly Urban areas.n
- Access this analysis here

Looking for funding for your local project or community group? Read the latest edition of the Funding Digest here

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Member Insights is the place to discover the statistics that define communities within our membershipVisit the Members Insights here

Find out about our campaign for fairer funding for rural areas here
This includes our work on the Local Government Finance Settlement

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