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Clerk: Helen Denton-Stacey
36 Sherrier Way, Lutterworth
Leics LE17 4NW

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Neighbourhood Link, Leicestershire Police

There are @86 Parish councils within the Harborough district policing area and I am writing to ask for your assistance and to use your Parish councils as a means of communication to the villagers within your parishes.

Leicestershire Police have set up a dedicated Rural Policing team and I am the Sgt for the team. One of our aims to improve the relationship and communication between the Police and those who live and work in the rural areas of Leicestershire and Rutland. I am going to be spending the first few weeks in my post building up the Key individuals and partners in your area so we can improve on the communication between us. There will be a press release either this week or next.

I'd like you to promote on our behalf something called 'Neighbourhood link' this is a great tool that we can use to pass important messages to you and we can also target specific groups for example 'farmers' or 'business owners' please see the Leicestershire Police website- the link to sign up is on there. We will be using other methods of communication such as Facebook 'Leicestershire and Rutland rural policing team' and twitter @LeicsRuralCrime - and also a text messaging service called 'LeicRural' which we can also add members to. But I feel the Neighbourhood link tool is the most detailed in terms of how we can tweak it for certain demographics.

Can I ask that via whatever means of communication you use get in touch with your friends, neighbours, farmers and business users and ask them to sign up to Neighbourhood link and to follow us on Facebook/Twitter .

Sgt 335 Paul Archer

Leicestershire Police Rural Team & Wildlife Crime Officer.

Leicestershire Police HQ

St Johns


Posted: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 12:17 by Helen Denton-Stacey

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