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Staying Safe from COVID Scams

Staying Safe from COVID Scams

As people worry about their health, families and finances during the Covid-19 pandemic, unscrupulous criminals are taking advantage of these fears and preying on members of the public.

As scams that have been around for a while are 'updated' to exploit this situation, Leicestershire Trading Standards are warning residents to remain vigilant. For lots of information on some scams that are currently circulating, have a look at our webpage

How to stay safe and protect yourself from scams

Have you been contacted out of the blue? Unsolicited phone calls and e-mails could be a scam, but can be difficult to spot – here are some dos and don'ts to help you protect your personal and financial information:

  • Don't respond to messages asking for personal or financial details
  • Don't click on links or attachments in suspicious e-mails or text messages
  • Do use stronger passwords and set up two-factor authentication
  • Do be suspicious of cold callers asking for information or offering technical support and don't install any software, or grant remote access to your computer, as the result of a cold call
  • Do challenge - genuine companies would never ask for financial information, passwords or log in details when contacting you
  • Do say no to unwanted, or uninvited callers at the door
  • Do not open the door if you are not sure
  • Do put the chain on if you decide to open the door • Do make sure your back door is closed so no one can gain entry whilst you are distracted if someone knocks on your front door • Do be wise to rogue traders - Too good to be true offers, probably are and if something doesn't feel right, then don't agree to anything
  • Do check any identification – if they are genuine, they will happily wait whilst you close the door and verify the person. Use a number from a bill or telephone directory, do not use the number on the ID card.

If you would like to report a scam, you can get in touch with the following organisations:

Action Fraud –

Citizen's Advice Consumer Helpline - 0808 223 1133

To keep up to date with the latest scams' information and advice, you can follow the Leicestershire Trading Standards Service Facebook page on:

Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 13:24 by Lynn Cosgrove

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