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Clerk: Helen Denton-Stacey
36 Sherrier Way, Lutterworth
Leics LE17 4NW

Tel: 07734 793986

Council Business Plan : 2020 to 2025

Council Business Plan : 2020 to 2025

At the last Council Meeting a new business plan for the period 2020 to 2025 was adopted.

The Shearsby Parish Council Business Plan is a statement of the Parish Council's vision for the parish, its purpose, values, objectives and key actions. It is a document that sets out what Shearsby Parish Council can achieve either directly or by working with Harborough District Council (HDC) or Leicestershire County Council (LCC).

The aim of the Business Plan is to give the residents of Shearsby a clear understanding of what the Parish Council does and what it is intends to focus on over the next five years. The Business Plan will be reviewed annually, and it will be used to measure how well the council does in its budgeting processes, planning of its activities and progress against key actions.

We hope you find the document informative and helpful.

Posted: Mon, 14 Sep 2020 by Lynn Cosgrove

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