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Clerk: Helen Denton-Stacey
36 Sherrier Way, Lutterworth
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Shearsby History Group

Meeting Information

The History group meetings have been suspended until further notice.

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Martin Reynolds / David Durran

St Mary Magdalene Church

Newspaper Articles

  • History, Hill Top Hold-Ups (PDF, 176 Kb)

    A newspaper article about John and Jane Ball, the highwaymen that used to operate in the Shearsby parish.

    No identity as to the Newspaper or date of the article.

  • History, Shearsby in Pictures, 1976 (PDF, 1.9 Mb)

    An article in the Leicester Advertiser dated 31st December 1976 and showing some of the Shearsby landmarks.

  • History, Shearsby Festival, 1972 (PDF, 542 Kb)

    An article from The Leicester Mercury about the Shearsby Festival in 1972.

  • History, Irate Farmers Demand Old Road Closure (PDF, 587 Kb)

    A newspaper article about irate farmers from Shearsby demanding a closure of the ends of the old road to stop itinerants.

  • History, Cobblestones and Church (PDF, 459 Kb)

    A news article headed by the Leicester Records Office with a brief history of Cobblestones and the Church, provided by Mavis Jeffery.

  • History, Portrait of Shearsby 1981 (PDF, 1008 Kb)

    Newspaper article entitled A Portrait of Shearsby, dated 1981.

  • History, Photos and Press Cutting 1981 (PDF, 4.5 Mb)

    The photo of the hunt is when the Fernie Hunt met at Grange Farm in 1929.

    The photo with five people shows Josie Durran, David's mother, second from the
    right and Ivy Gadsby with the glasses second from the left.

    The other photo is of the Arnesby and Shearsby W I with Josie Durran third from
    the right on the back row and Ivy Gadsby with the glasses on in the front row.

    The last two photos are dated 1935.

Books and Booklets


  • Village Hall opening following rebuild in February 1998. To see a series of photos go to the gallery and click on V





The World Wars

A scroll to be found in St Mary Magdalene Church listing those men from Shearsby Parish that served in World War I. Four men from the village died in action and we honour them.