Shearsby Parish Council

Protecting, Connecting, Involving and Representing Shearsby

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Clerk: Lynn Cosgrove
White Gates, The Bank
Shearsby, Leics LE17 6PF

Tel: 07850 378367


As well as the day-to-day functioning of items covered by each committee there are a number of major projects to consider. These are listed under the committee names.

Non-elected members of committees consult, drive and assist with work but they are not allowed to spend or vote. Only Councillors are allowed to make those decisions.

Committee members for 2018 are as follows:

Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Ralf Dahm, Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Christine Alam, Lynn Cosgrove, Jane Vann.

  • To complete Shearsby Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Consult on neighbouring village plans.

5 Year Development Plan:

Christine Alam, David Durran, Ralf Dahm, Martin Reynolds, Lynn Cosgrove.

  • To achieve targets set by current 5 year Plan
  • To formulate a Plan for a further 5 years

Communications / Mobile Signal:

Martin Reynolds, Christine Alam, Lynn Cosgrove, Phil Poncelet (Broadband).

  • To improve the Mobile Phone signal to the village.
  • To provide another website editor.
  • SPC Newsletters

District and County:

Martin Reynolds, Ralf Dahm, Lynn Cosgrove.

  • GDPR and FOI
  • Strategic Growth Plan
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Devolution paper

Finance / Grants:

RFO Lynn Cosgrove (Clerk), Martin Reynolds, Christine Alam.

  • VAT
  • Audit
  • Precept
  • Budget
  • Control of Grants
  • Transparency Code

Personnel / Training

Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Lynn Cosgrove.

  • Documents
  • Policies
  • Contracts
  • Personnel matters arising

Neighbourhood Watch / Good Neighbour Scheme / Police:

Martin Reynolds, Ralf Dahm, David Durran, Joanna Quick, Man-Lan Lee, Peter Cosgrove, Andy Sharp, Kevin Gill.

  • Approval of Leicestershire's Communities Strategy
  • Adult Social Care Strategy
  • Effective Neighbourhood Watch
  • Liaison with Police

Village Green / Village Hall / Playground:

David Durran, Christine Alam, Lynn Cosgrove.

  • Produce a Rules and Regulations document for activities on the village green.
  • Liaise with the Village Hall Committee.
  • Monitor H&S of the village green and playground.

Footpaths / Trees:

David Durran, Christine Alam, Martin Reynolds.

  • To monitor the footpaths and keep them tidy and safe.
  • To find a Tree Warden.
  • Catalogue trees and hedging and their condition.
  • Planting and care of trees and hedging.

Highways / Street Lighting:

David Durran, Ralf Dahm, Christine Alam, Lynn Cosgrove.

  • To monitor and report the condition of the roads and signage.
  • To improve drainage and maintain.
  • To monitor street lighting.


Martin Reynolds, Christine Alam, Ann Blaine, Joanna Quick, David Durran.

  • To improve road safety at the Shearsby Crossroads and adjoining roads, including village exits.
  • To monitor and consult on the A46 Leicester Eastern Bypass


David Durran, Lynn Cosgrove, Martin Reynolds.

  • To monitor grass cutting of the village green and verges.
  • To liaise with contractor.


Ralf Dahm, Lynn Cosgrove, Martin Reynolds.

  • To view HDC Planning applications and raise awareness.
  • To comment upon HDC Local Plan.
  • Consultation on Improving the use of Planning Conditions

Emergency Plan:

Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Christine Alam, Ralf Dahm, Lynn Cosgrove, Mavis Jeffery (Flood Warden).

  • To install and maintain an effective Emergency Plan
  • To find a Snow Warden.