Shearsby Parish Council

Protecting, Connecting, Involving and Representing Shearsby

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Clerk: Helen Denton-Stacey
36 Sherrier Way, Lutterworth
Leics LE17 4NW

Tel: 07734 793986

Clarify why the plan is needed.

Publicise the intention to produce a plan.

Identify and contact key local partners.

Dialogue with the local planning authority.

Produce a project plan with costing's.

The decision to Make a Plan

The Parish Council held its first ever meeting on 5th June 2013. At that meeting it was agreed that the Council intends to work towards a local plan in order to protect and preserve the village character and general outlook. (Item 6 on the minutes).

At the second meeting, 5th September 2013, action was being taken to create what was then called The Village Plan. (Item 12 on the minutes).

By the third meeting on 5th December 2013 the Village Plan was taking shape. (Item 4 on the minutes).

The meeting on 18th February announced the Neighbourhood Plan and formed Action Groups.

The meeting on 21st May 2014 saw the project referred to as the Development Plan and the engagement of a consultant. (Item 9 on the minutes).

On 11th December 2014 the Council were preparing to engage the community at an open event on 7th February 2015, referred to as Buttie Day. (Item 13 on the minutes).

Thus the Shearsby Neighbourhood Development Plan evolved.

Why have a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Training and courses

  • NDP, Protecting the Countryside (PDF, 579 Kb)

    Event Details

    The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) strongly supports neighbourhood planning as a means for communities to determine for themselves how to meet development needs in their area without causing unnecessary harm to the character of their town or village and its surrounding countryside.

    Key speakers will be:

    Mick Duggan, Department for Communities and Local Government

    Gary Kirk, YourLocale

    Matt Bills, Harborough District Council

    This event will explore:

    • What is neighbourhood planning?
    • What can it do for your community?
    • What is the role of planning authorities?

    Workshops will examine topics including:

    • The benefits for your community;
    • What is CPRE's role? How can we help?
    • Neighbourhood planning: impact on the parish clerk;
    • Our experience of Neighbourhood planning - successes, issues and bottlenecks.


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