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Shearsby Parish Council

Protecting, Connecting, Involving and Representing Shearsby

Shearsby Flag

Clerk: Phillip Baildon
14 Jerwood Way, Market
Harborough, Leics LE16 8AL

Tel: 01858 446300

Shearsby Neighbourhood Watch

NHW Coordinators

We have a team of coordinators placed through the village. The members are Joanna Quick, Kevin Gill, Man Lan Adams, Katie Jones, Andy Sharpe and Peter Cosgrove. A Councillor will attend each meeting and the group will have a voice at Council meetings.

Jo Quick will continue to be the main coordinator from December 2017 onward.

Bulletins will be added to this website via Chairman Cllr Martin Reynolds or Clerk Phillip Baildon.


  • NHW, Minutes, 2017 11 23 (PDF, 11 Kb)

    Minutes of the NHW meeting held on 23rd November 2017 at 7.30pm, White Gates, The Bank.

  • NHW, Minutes, 2017 06 15 (PDF, 351 Kb)

    Minutes of the meeting to form a Neighbourhood Watch, NHW, held on 15th June 2017 at 7.30pm in the village hall.


Victim First Newsletter, November 2017

Neighbourhood Watch, Meeting, Thursday 15th June 2017.

In light of recent incidents in Shearsby it is proposed to re-form the Neighbourhood Watch.

A meeting is called for Thursday 15th June at 7.30pm in the village hall. A good turn out from villagers is requested. The local police have been invited as have Neighbourhood Watch Leicester.

Theft from and damage to cars

On Saturday 27th May 2017 a car was broken into and valuables stolen. Two further cars were also damaged.

The incidents are believed to have occurred around 3am or 4am on Sunday. Police have been notified.

Vehicle damage, The Bank

A car was badly damaged on The Bank on Good Friday 14th April at around 6pm to 7pm.The rear window was smashed in.

Police have been informed. If you saw anything please give them a call.

Two reported incidents in Shearsby on Monday 27th March.

1. Joyriders in a car and on a quadbike caused damage to a vehicle in Church Lane. Police were involved.

2. Property was stolen from stables on the Old Road.

I do not have full information so I will say these are "alleged" incidents, but keep your stuff safe and your eyes peeled!

Garden Crime

Garden crime poster from Leicestershire Police.

Break In on Saddington Road Industrial Units

A break in has occurred on Saddington Road Industrial Units overnight, Wednesday 18th / Thursday 19th January 2017.

Thieves entered K9 Heaven and Begley's Windows.

If you know of anything that may help please notify the local police.

Links to the Police

Stay informed of policing news in your area and sign up to www.neighbourhoodlink.co.uk

Been subject to a crime? Or want to prevent one from happening? Go to www.leics.police.uk/support

Leicestershire Police is keen to hear your views about policing in your area. Please take a moment to visit www.leics.police.uk/haveyoursay and complete our on-line survey.

In order to tackle local concerns and tell the police what matters in the area you live and work complete this short questionnaire - found in documents under C, crime prevention, police form. http://www.shearsbyparishcouncil.gov.uk/uploads/police-form.pdf

Burglary Poster

Woody Nickit - yes he would!

Play equipment targeted in park

People are being urged to be vigilant after some play equipment was vandalised in a park in the Harborough district.

A swing was tampered with in August in the play area at Manor Field, Thurnby. It is suspected the incident may have been an attempted metal theft although this has not been confirmed.

The damaged swing was reported to the council by a parent whose child received minor injuries after playing on it.

Harborough District Council has carried out a full assessment – in addition to its weekly inspections – of all play equipment, under its remit, in the district.

No other issues were found in the district.

The council is urging park users, parish councils and neighbouring local authorities to be vigilant when it comes to play equipment, and is asking the public to report it immediately if they see anyone tampering with play equipment or find any damaged play equipment.

Shearsby's play equipment is inspected weekly, but please be on the lookout for anything untoward.

Nieghbourhood Watch Leicester

View all the latest information from Neighbourhood Watch Leicester

Our Watch

  • NHW, Our News, 2017 August (PDF, 2.7 Mb)

    Our News, the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter from HDC Community Safety team, for 2017 August.

Set up for NHW

There are some big changes as to how NHW is being developed. Work behind the scenes with Leicestershire Police is developing the new modern NHW as follows:

1. Redesign of the NHW logo currently in progress

2. NHW is now run locally in Leicestershire and police are involved

3. There is a website which co-ordinators must become members of. This then puts you on the map. http://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

4. Local officers will be assisting you with any issues.

5. Signage is now sourced by Chris Woodward who is the police liaison for NHW

6. There is a new County NHW committee which, as it stands, is:

Chair – Richard Clarke, Vice Chair – Ruthven Horne (Chair of Rutland NHW), Secretary – Susan Marlow, Treasurer – Declan Chapman.

Watch Word

Please view our Crime Prevention Watch Word Newsletters.