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Shearsby Parish Council

Protecting, Connecting, Involving and Representing Shearsby

Shearsby Flag

Clerk: Phillip Baildon
14 Jerwood Way, Market
Harborough, Leics LE16 8AL

Tel: 01858 446300


Committee members for 2017 are as follows:

Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Ralf Dahm, Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Christine Alam. Jane Vann.

5 Year Development Plan:

Christine Alam, David Durran, Ralf Dahm, Martin Reynolds.


Martin Reynolds, Phillip Baildon (Clerk), Christine Alam (following training), Phil Poncelet (Broadband).

District and County:

Martin Reynolds, Ralf Dahm, Phillip Baildon (Clerk).

Finance / Grants:

RFO Phillip Baildon (Clerk), David Durran, Martin Reynolds, Christine Alam.

Personnel / Training

Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Christine Alam, Phillip Baildon (Clerk).

Neighbourhood Watch / Good Neighbour Scheme / Police:

Martin Reynolds, Ralf Dahm, Joanna Quick, Man-Lan Lee, Peter Cosgrove, Katherine Jones, Andy Sharp, Kevin Gill.

Village Green / Village Hall / Playground:

David Durran, Christine Alam.

Footpaths / Trees:

David Durran.

Highways / Street Lighting:

David Durran, Ralf Dahm, Christine Alam.


Martin Reynolds, Christine Alam, Ann Blaine, Joanna Quick.


David Durran.


David Durran, Ralf Dahm.

Emergency Plan:

Martin Reynolds, David Durran, Christine Alam, Ralf Dahm.